Avoid Backorders with HON NOW Quickship

It’s no secret that supply chains are snarled all over the world. Things your business urgently needs are stuck on ships in the middle of the ocean, or are sitting on docks waiting to be unloaded. The more involved the product, the worse the problem may be.   

Furniture, being at times complex and comprised of numerous parts, is particularly susceptible to these tie-ups. At the same time, when you need furniture you usually need it quickly. Who wants to leave an office half furnished? 

That’s why our partners at HON have implemented the HON NOW Quickship program. HON NOW features the options that aren’t as vulnerable to supply chain disruptions, pieces that they can guarantee lightning-fast delivery of in the face of unprecedented times. The program still offers all the elements businesses need to make an office complete, in a range of colors and finishes. 

The HON NOW Quickship program was designed for clients who want exceptional quality, durability, and versatility without wasting valuable time. Whether you’re outfitting a brand-new workspace or simply expanding the one you already have, HON has a variety of dependable and supportive office furniture solutions designed to fit your needs and your schedule – in a hurry, without the hassle.

If HON NOW sounds like it might be right for you, mention it to one of our furniture reps. They will be perfectly happy to guide you through the program, and our talented team of designers will ensure that your solution works within the confines of the program. As for smaller orders, such as individual chairs or desks, we’ve got you covered there too. For projects big or small, The Supply Room and HON are happy to be your partners in quick, quality service. 

Dutch Jones

Executive Vice President of Sales

As Executive Vice President of Sales, Dutch Jones leads the sales and customer service teams to achieve the company’s revenue goals. In his role, he brings a wealth of strategic and hands-on experience in sales, marketing, customer engagement and enterprise management.

Jones holds a bachelor of science degree in marketing from Clemson University. He is also a board member of AOPD. 

Yancey Jones Jr.

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Yancey Jones Jr is responsible for all operations and support departments, as well as acquisition integration. Following his father’s legacy, Yancey has fostered business mergers and reserved the company’s original objective of exceptional customer service, people and products.

Yancey holds a bachelor of science degree in business and a master of business administration from The College of William and Mary.

Lauren Jones

President and Chief Executive Officer

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Lauren Jones provides executive leadership and corporate direction in collaboration with the EVP of Sales and Chief Operating Officer.

Lauren has been with The Supply Room Company since 2015. Prior to joining The Supply Room Company, Lauren served in a progression of marketing and communication roles in the software and architecture fields. 

Lauren holds a bachelor of science degree in sports management from Clemson University and a master of arts in communication from University of Georgia.